Deal Alchemy™ - Black Box Cash Flow

Learn to lost art of Deal Alchemy™ and manipulate the returns you're earning on your real estate investments. This class discusses Deal Alchemy™ by thinking about your investment as a black box to generate lumpy cash flow.

Deal Alchemy™ - Black Box Cash Flow

Deal Alchemy™ is all about manipulating returns to get the returns you desire most.

One variation of Deal Alchemy™ has you think about your rental property investment as a black box. You put money into the black box, some magical things happen over the next few years and out pops profit which you can spend like cash flow.

That's what James will cover in this mini-class.

In this class, James discusses:

  • The definition of alchemy
  • What is Deal Alchemy™
  • How to manipulate returns and move them between quadrants
  • An example of thinking of your rental property investment as a black box with lumpy cash flow
  • Plus much more...

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Deal Alchemy™ - Black Box Cash Flow

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